What is the difference between QuickBooks Online Versus QuickBooks Pro or Premier ?

The primary differences between QB Online and QB pro are-

  • Software Installation : QuickBooks Desktop requires you to download software onto your computer, which also means that you are not able to access the program when you are not at your desk. QuickBooks Online does not require installation and can therefore be accessed anywhere with an internet connection (including your mobile phone).
  • Automatic Online Backup and Protection : QuickBooks Online data is automatically backed up and secured by Intuit’s servers. QuickBooks Desktop data is not automatically backed up. You will need to create a backup plan and set it up on your own.
  • Access Data From Multiple Platforms : QuickBooks Online data can be accessed from a PC and Mac. QuickBooks Desktop data is only accessible from a PC or Mac, depending on which version of QuickBooks you are using.
  • Access Data From Anywhere at Anytime : QuickBooks Online data can be accessed by users in different locations at the same time – no reason to transfer files back and forth. QuickBooks Desktop data can be accessed by multiple users in different locations only with the purchase of hosting services.
  • Unlimited Free Technical Support : With QuickBooks Online, you can contact technical support as much as you like at no additional charge. QuickBooks Desktop support is free for the first 30 days after you install the software. After 30 days, you will have to purchase one of the support plan packages.
  • Automatic Access to the Latest Version of QuickBooks : With QuickBooks Online, you have immediate access to the latest version of the software. QuickBooks Desktop requires that you purchase the latest version of the software to gain access to new product features.

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